Naturally Inspired

Praia do Carvalho ° Portugal ° Photo Credit: ©Melodie Bailey 2015

One of the purest living things in this world  is nature. Nature won't try to take your lunch money, call you mean names or try to destroy you. However, who knows, maybe nature does have a secret plot to take over the planet and it has a slow way of going about it. In any case, for now, I will enjoy it and protect it while I am lucky enough to breathe it in.

My art has always been inspired by nature. Its endless textures, colors and patterns draw me in like a moth to the flame. I'm mesmerized by ocean waves, waterfalls, and sea life, while the sound of rustling leaves as the wind blows through the trees makes me feel light and dreamy. There are so many wonderful and delightful things in nature. It's no wonder my Earth Fusion Designs jewelry line is heavily inspired by it as well.

Earth Fusion Designs jewelry is lovingly hand made with precious gifts from the earth. Hand forged from minerals and metals that have been hiding just under the surface waiting to be discovered by hard working hands excited to unearth the beauty. I am truly thankful to all the miners, rock hounds, and lapidary artisans who mine and shape the beautiful precious metals and gemstones I use in my jewelry every day. 

Most of all I am thankful to Mother Nature for her precious gifts and her never ending inspiration.

The earth has its music for those who will listen.